Willowbank Raceway - Avenue of Honour

Willowbank Avenue of Honour

Your Name will go down in History...

A unique and lasting record of your support

To commemorate the 25th year of operation Willowbank Raceway started construction of the “AVENUE OF HONOUR” on the edge of the road behind the control tower. Each block in the Avenue of Honour will detail Track Champions, Committee Members and Major Achievements for that year.

Each side of the Avenue Of Honour will be the Avenue of Honour Walk. Make your mark with a commemorative brick. Your name or the name of a loved one, your car club, your business name, race team or special achievement proclaims your support for Willowbank Raceway and the Avenue of Honour Walk.


Your donation of $75 entitles YOU to have your name engraved into a paver as a lasting record of your valued support. This will be permanently installed in Willowbank Raceway’s Avenue of Honour Walk.

Ordering your brick is easy simply complete the booking form and forward with your donation of $75. Each brick is 230mm x 114mm and can have up to three lines of script with a total of 34 characters. You will also receive a certificate showing the placement of your brick and the wording inscribed on it.

Send your order today to be included in the first 100 bricks ordered. 

Please note: bricks can only be ordered when we have received 100 orders.

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