Track Signage

 Track signage spaces are now available around the facility to advertise your company.

Please email or call  07 5461 5461 for further information.

  Sponsor of Willowbank Raceway – Code of Conduct

At Willowbank Raceway we pride ourselves on being one of Australia’s premiere drag racing facilities and we are extremely proud of all our Sponsors.

We actively pursue perfection, as one of our major goals for all our events and we ask our Sponsors to play a pivotal role in helping us achieve that goal with the presentation and organisation of our calendar of events. In order to achieve that goal, it is critical that we all work as one team and to assist in this regard, the raceway asks that you sign the Sponsor Code of Conduct below:

The standard expected of Sponsors at all times include:

  • Observe all occupational health and safety rules, responsibilities and practices at all times while onsite at Willowbank Raceway.
  • Remain loyal to the Willowbank Raceway organisation and brand at all times
  • Have an honest, respectful, fair and a courteous manner in all dealings with management, staff, volunteers, competitors, and other sponsors, and the general public
  • Not to make unauthorised public statements , including to the media, all requests for media statements must be directed to Willowbank Raceway Management
  • No unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying or fighting within the Willowbank Raceway community Respect the decisions of Management and staff at all times
  • Make no comments which the raceway deems to be of an abusive, defamatory or derogatory nature in regard to any area of the track’s operations or personnel on any type of social media or in any mainstream media

Any sponsor found to be in breach of any of the above items will be answerable to the management/management committee and if found to have broken the Code of Conduct could face termination of their sponsorship.