Queensland Drag Racing Championship presented by Lifestyle Injury Lawyers

The Queensland Drag Racing Championships presented by Lifestyle Injury Lawyers brings racers from all across the state to compete for a prestigious QDRC trophy and Track Champion status at Willowbank Raceway, delivering high-octane action for both racers and spectators. 

Hosting championship racing for competitors across the QDRC Comp Bike, QDRC Outlaws, Modified, Super Sedan, Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster and Top Sportsman brackets, and the newly introduced Real Street bracket as an exhibition for 2021, the QDRC hosts on average more than 130 racers per round, with no shortage of thrilling action.


General Public Spectator information

  • Tickets are available online only 
  • Tickets will NOT be available at the gate on the day
  • When purchasing multiple tickets, you MUST share (via mobile number or email) the tickets with the other people attending so they can fill out their details and the ticket will be in their name.
  • All tickets must be in the person’s name that is attending, this includes children
  • Anyone that is unwell must not attend the event
  • All personnel must practice personal hygiene and social distancing 

All Life, Special, Fabulous 5, Season passholders wishing to attend the event must fill out the contact tracing form (link below), with the personnel attending under that pass number, and hand in at the gate on arrival on the day



Spectator Prices –

Adults - $20**

Students & Concession with ID - $18**

Kids 13 and under are admitted FREE**

* Concession prices/tickets are for Age & Disability pension card holders with "in date" ID only

** all tickets are subject to a $2 processing fee

Basic Schedule – this will change each event

Competitor Gates 6.00am
Spectator Gates 7.00am
On track from 8.30am

Competitor Audit System Saturday - 6.30am




Round 1 – 20th February 2021 
Round 2 – 20th March 2021
Round 3 – 17th April 2021
Round 4 – 28th August 2021
Round 5 – 25th September 2021 
Round 6 – 23rd October 2021
Round 7 – 20th November 2021



QDRC Dates

20th February 2021

QDRC Comp Bike,  QDRC Supercomp, Modified, Top Sportsman, Super Sedan,  Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster, Real Street (Exhibition only)

20th March 2021
QDRC Outlaws,  Modified, Top Sportsman Super Sedan,  Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster

17th April 2021
QDRC Comp Bike, QDRC Supercomp, Modified, Top Sportsman, Super Sedan,  Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster, Real Street & PROCOMP(Exhibition only)


28th August 2021
QDRC Outlaws, Modified, Top Sportsman, Super Sedan, Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster

25th September 2021
QDRC Comp Bike, QDRC Supercomp, Modified, Top Sportsman, Super Sedan,  Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster, Real Street (Exhibition only)

23rd October 2021
QDRC Outlaws,  Modified, Top Sportsman, Super Sedan,  Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster

20th November 2021
QDRC Comp Bike, QDRC Supercomp,  QDRC Outlaws, Modified, Top Sportsman, Super Sedan, Super Street, Modified Bike, Junior Dragster, Real Street (Exhibition only)


Competitor Information

Entry – All QDRC events are Pre-entries only.

Entries will be available on the website until Midnight the Sunday prior to the event. Any entries received after the cut off may not be accepted, if accepted a $250 fee will be charged. Entries will not be accepted on the day.

All Entrants must hold a current permanent IHRA Drag Racing Licence.

Please Note:

  • Competitors are NOT permitted to enter Willowbank Raceway or pit before 3pm the Friday prior to the event.
  • All competitors and crew must have purchased a camping pass to stay on site overnight. Armbands are issued for each night of camping.

Entry Fees

  • Sportsman - $165 which includes driver and 1 crew.
  • QDRC Comp Bike - $165 which includes rider and 1 crew.
  • Supercomp - $250 per round which includes driver and 4 crew (minimum of 6 must pre enter all rounds prior to Round 1)
  • QDRC Outlaws - $250 which includes driver and 4 crew.
  • PROCOMP - $300 which includes driver and 6 crew
  • Testing - $165 includes driver/rider and 1 crew
  • Extra Crew - $20 (can only be purchased at time of entering the event)


Racing times can vary depending on entrant numbers - Please check racing schedules for each date.

CAS/ Audit - CAS and audit will be completed at the Scrutineering Shed.

Seeding -

All Brackets will be seeded on their reaction time in their first qualifier (except QDRC Comp Bike, which will be seeded as per IHRA rules). The relevant cut offs for brackets will still apply eg. Junior Dragster 8.00 – A/JD, 8.60 – B/JD, 12.00 – C/JD. If you run quicker than your respective cut off you will be placed at the bottom of the field regardless of your reaction time. Super Street 10.00

Qualifying for the Final Round ONLY will be as per the Australian IHRA rules and not seeded by the reaction time in their first qualifier.

In the case of more than one bye run, due to breakage or no show, Willowbank officials have the right to pair up regardless of seeding sheets. In the event of multiple breakages requiring unscheduled bye runs to be paired, the highest qualified competitor, that has not already had a bye run, from the unscheduled bye runs will be awarded the bye for that round.


  • Comp Bike - to run off a QDRC record
  • Supercomp - to run off the IHRA national record + .5 and will run as per IHRA index system
  • QDRC Outlaws – includes supercharged, nitrous and turbo vehicles with V8 engines only, running 0 – 7.99 (vehicles running slower than 7.99 may be put in the field if less than 32 but must dial in 7.99 or quicker) Bracket Format
  • Modified – as per Australian IHRA rules
  • Top Sportsman 0 - 8.99
  • Super Sedan – 9.00-10.99
  • Modified Bike – as per Australian IHRA rules
  • Super Street – 10.00-12.99 as per Australian IHRA rules
  • Junior Dragster - as per Australian IHRA rules
  • Real Street (Exhibition only) – upper cut off ET 13.99 all other rules as per Australian IHRA Rules
  • PROCOMP (Exhibition only) - open to altered, dragsters, funny cars, and sedans with a power adder from Professional and Performance classes. Pro Tree, 3 round format shootout off their class track record PROCOMP regulations

Racing -

QDRC Comp Bike will run 3 qualifiers and eliminations plus the Bonus rounds, all other brackets will run 3 qualifiers and a 3 Round Shootout Plus Final. The final round on October 24th all brackets will be run as Eliminations.

Lane Choice: Comp Bike lane choice in the 1st round will go to the higher qualified competitor, for all other rounds it will go to the competitor furtherest under or closest to their QDRC record from their previous round of racing. For all other bracket’s lane choice in the 1st round will go to the higher qualified competitor, for all other rounds it will go to the competitor with the lowest dial in for that round. 


We have introduced 2 new bonus components to the QDRC for 2021


Drop A Round – QDRC Outlaws and QDRC Comp Bike excluded

If there is no more than one rained out event during the season, each competitors' points tally will have their worst round removed from their total point score.

  • Non-attendance at a round will count as 0 points round.
  • This will be done in the office prior to the final round and updated on the website


Play the JOKER

Each competitor will be able to nominate one round as their JOKER round, where any points that they earn at that round of the series will be doubled (e.g. 3 wins and a final win = 25, using your Joker will be doubled so x 2 = 50 total points)

  • Each competitor must nominate in advance (by entry close date) if they will use their Joker at that round
  • Each competitor using their Joker for a round will be displayed on the pre-entry list.
  • We will supply you with a Joker sticker for you to place on your vehicle for that round only
  • The Joker is only valid for one round and once it is nominated by you it cannot be changed
  • The Joker must be used at a round before the final (it cannot be used at the final round)

Entry ticket process

Getting your tickets


  • Log onto our website and go to your members area and click ‘Racers’ it goes to ‘My Entries’ page, this will show the events you have entered into.


  • There is a tab ‘Crew Passes’ next to the event you have entered click on this; it will take you to a page that has all your tickets (included driver/rider and purchased ones)


  • You must share your extra tickets (1 ticket is yours) with your crew/spectators (this can be sent via mobile phone number or email address), they will be required to fill out their details including the COVID questions and then they will receive the e-ticket


  • Each person (including driver/rider) will need to have their e-ticket in their name to scan through the gate. This can either be printed or on a smartphone


  • You the driver/rider will still need to collect your envelope at the gate, this will have your entry form in it to fill out and take to scrutineering


We do not need contact tracing forms for you and your crew, we will have everyone’s details scanned into the system on race day. This is also the same process for spectators, everyone just needs to share the tickets to the person that will be attending on the day.


If you have a child or special pass holder, the contact tracing form will need to be filled out and handed in at the gate on arrival. https://www.willowbankraceway.com.au/pages/?ParentPageID=5&PageID=499 This is only for a child or special pass holder.



There will now be CAMPING PERMITTED for racers and crew on site for key events at the venue. Under the following conditions

  • Camping will only be made available to racers and crew and will not be available for the general public.
  • Competitors entered in the event will be emailed a promotion code to unlock the option to purchase camping on site
  • There will be a charge of $10.00 per person per night for onsite camping.  This will be payable online only.
  • You will be issued a ticket with a bar code for each person you book camping for.
  • This bar code will then need to be scanned at the Main Administration office (TBC) and then you will be issued with a wristband that will be UNIQUE TO EACH NIGHT that you are camping on site.
  • You will be required to secure your wristband in order for it to be valid
  • The Administration office will be open for a short period of time for camping ticketing scanning and collection of wristbands. This time will be advised for each event
  • At the conclusion of the event each night, security will make a sweep of the venue and any competitors or crew without a wristband will be required to vacate the venue.


This is a new initiative being implemented and we appreciate your patience as we fine tune this process to achieve the best outcome for everyone.




QDRC Points awarded as below

  • Refer QDRC Regulations for minimum number of entrants for points/prize money to be awarded

In Elimination Style formats: 

  • Five points for qualifying.
  • Five points for each round win in eliminations
  • Three points for a loss

QDRC Comp Bike will have a bonus bracket for the first 2 round losers and the points will be

  • Three points for a win
  • Two points for a loss

In Three Round Shootout Plus Final format:

  • Five points for qualifying.
  • Five points for each round win.
  • Two points for each round lose. 

Prizemoney –



·         Refer Track Championship Regulations for minimum number of entrants for points/ prizemoney to be awarded.



QDRC Comp Bike                  $300 / $200 = $500

QDRC Outlaws                      As per entry scale

Modified                                  $200 / $100 = $300

Super Sedan                           $200 / $100 = $300

Modified Bike                          $100 / $ 50 = $150

Super Street                            $100 / $ 50 = $150

Junior Dragster                       $100 / $ 50 = $150

Top Sportsman                       $200 / $100 = $300


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Ticket Prices

Ticket Type Price
Adult 17/04/2021
* excludes additional costs of $2.00
$20.00 *
Students & Concession with ID * 17/04/2021
* excludes additional costs of $2.00
Extra Info
$18.00 *
Kids - 17/04/2021
* excludes additional costs of $2.00
$0.00 *

Dates & Times

Date Times
Saturday 28 August 9:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday 25 September 9:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday 23 October 9:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday 20 November 9:00am - 9:00pm

The Venue

Willowbank Raceway


38 Champions Way
QLD 4306

Contact Details

Phone: 07 54615461