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Life Pass holders - CMC Rocks 2018

If you haven't already received your complimentary tickets for CMC this year you are required to take your life pass and photo ID to the CMC box office on the day of the event to receive tickets.

Street Series Rules & Regulations

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Willowbank Raceway reserves the right to change rules, regulations & eliminator cut-offs at any time throughout the year.

1 - Competitors will be permitted to run in ONE of the offered series' only.

2 - Points earned in that series will not transfer to another series if the competitor chooses to change.

3 - Street Sedan Series Track Championship is open to all cars that run in the following Eliminators. Quick Eliminator 10.50 – 12.99, Hot Street 13.00 – 14.99, and Street Eliminator 15.00 and slower. Dial-ins in all racing must remain within the Eliminator cut off.

4 - During handicap racing, Driver/Riders must confirm correctness of handicaps from the start line dial in displays or the finish line score boards. Once a Driver/Rider stages, handicap is assumed correct and the results of that race stands.

5 - Street Powder Puff Series is open to ladies only.

6 - Ladies who choose to run the Powder Puff Series are not permitted to run the same vehicle in the Street or Bike Series.

7 - A vehicle competing in Street Sedan or Street Bike series driven by another person may compete with a different lady driver/rider in the Street Powder Puff Series.

8 - Street Bike Series is open to all bikes 9.50 and slower.

9 - Any vehicle that contests the QLD Drag Racing Championship for the 2017 season will not be permitted to run in the Street Sedan Series, Street Powder Puff Series or Street Bike Series, however the competitor may run any other vehicle at these Events.

10 - In the event of a tie on points in any position in the top eight, qualifying positions will be determined by the better performer at the final round of the Series. The better performer will be the competitor who lasts the longest in their elimination rounds. If there is still a tie on points the better performer will be the competitor who performs best in relation to their dial-in on their last elimination run. If there is still a tie on points the better performer will be the competitor who has the better reaction time.
If the final round is not run due to weather the tie breaks will be determined by the previous round completed of the series.

11 - Cars: Must run 10.50 or slower. No after-market electronics with the exception of computers for EFI cars. Excluded items include line-locks, transbrakes, two steps, throttle stops, etc.

12 - Bikes Must run 9.50 or slower. Bikes must be foot shifted. Extended swingarms and wheelie bars are not permitted.

13 - IHRA Race Vehicle testing is permitted at these events with limited opportunities during racing.

14 - Important Notice - Series nominations to earn points need to be in no later than the Thursday before a round.

15 - STARTLINE: No across start line burnouts for any vehicle running in the Street Series, this includes over staging (putting out the stage beam). Penalty - disqualification in racing.
Please refer to Track Regulations and Willowbank Policy Document which can be found under the Willowbank Tab at the top of this website.

16 – Sandbagging or delaying a run will result in the competitor being disqualified.

17 – Lane choice will go to the competitor with the lower dial in for the round.

Car Safety Requirements

  • Helmet to standard
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Long pants
  • Covered shoes & socks

Motorcycle Safety Requirements

  • Full faced helmet to standard
  • Leather jacket or equivalent
  • Long pants
  • Full leather boots extending 275mm from the base of the heel
  • Full leather gloves

Other Safety Information

  • Helmet Requirements - IHRA licence holders are to abide by the current IHRA rule book at any event. At Race Ya Mate and Street Series events we allow street vehicles (i.e. - non IHRA licence holders) to use the AS/NZS 1698 min standard helmet
  • see Street Vehicle Rules page
  • Vehicles testing - Purpose built race vehicles, cars quicker than 10.50 and motorcycles quicker than 9.50 must comply with the relevant IHRA Class and Safety regulations pertaining to the vehicle

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