Important Notice

New Ticketing procedure for CMC Rocks QLD 2017 LIFE PASS HOLDERS:


All ticketing this year will be in the form of a PDF ticket which will be exchanged for a wristband on arrival at the venue.

You will need to go to the main box office located at the front of the venue and proceed to the Promoter Guest window.

You will be required to show your ID and life pass which must match up with the name on the life pass list.

You will then be given a PDF ticket and will be able to proceed to the entry gates of the venue to receive your wristband.

Street Series Champions


1994 David Brown
1995 Pat Barron
1996 Geoff Clark
1997 Kevin Whatley
1998 Paul Doeblien
1999 Harold Griffin
2000 Matthew McKnight
2001 Matthew McKnight
2002 Kevin Whatley
2003 Mark Allan
2004 Denis Ryan
2005 Mark Allan
2006 Josh Fletcher
2007 Matthew McKnight
2008 Craig Higgins
2009 Josh Fletcher
2010 Josh Fletcher
2011 Jason Stoodley
2012 Owen Genrich
2013 Josh Fletcher
2014 Josh Fletcher
2015 Josh Fletcher

2010 Michael Beaton
2011 Paul Astridge
2012 Neil Schultz
2013 Anthony Weiland
2014 Ken Rice
2015 Denis Ryan


Powder Puff
2005 Diane Troy
2006 Christina Tschutura
2007 Amanda Holden
2008 Tracey Fletcher
2009 Yvonne Robertson-Higgins
2010 Holly Smith
2011 Susanne Fletcher
2012 Jody Wentworth
2013 Jody Wentworth
2014 Behinda Brockhurst
2015 Susanne Fletcher
1999 Guy Henry
2000 Guy Henry
2001 Kelly Bettes
2002 Robert Adams
2003 Wade Byth
2004 Loughlin Boyde
2005 Joshua Price
2006 Blaze Hansen
2007 Bracket no longer part of street series


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