22 February 2017

As of February, 1st 2017 new Laws have been introduced by the QLD State government which enforces that any person/persons operating a Quad Bike, ATV, UTV or equivalent will be required to wear an approved motorcycle helmet. Further to this any child 8 years or under will not be permitted to be carried as passengers on such vehicles.
In the interest of safety Willowbank Raceway will also adopt and enforce these laws effective immediately. It will now be compulsory for everyone to wear a helmet when riding any two, three or four wheeled motorised bike or ATV not fitted with seatbelts and rollover protection. Any child 8 years or under will NOT be permitted to ride passenger on these vehicles. Competitors who do not comply will be disqualified and unable to compete in the remainder of the meeting.
Willowbank Raceway will also be enforcing a rule that children will not be permitted in the tray of utilities period, they are to be within the cab of the vehicle at all times. Also, a reminder that all persons traveling in the tray of utilities must be seated and confined with the tray with all sides closed, any vehicle with a tray without sides will not be permitted to carry any persons’ period.
Willowbank Raceway would like to thank you for your co-operation in these matters and wish you all the best during the 2017 racing season.